The Morning After – Interactive product

dvd-caseThe Morning After follows character ‘Jack’ through his attempts to cure his hangover, after a night of heavy drinking at his own party that his parents don’t know about.

In his efforts to cure his hangover, Jack tries every trick in the book including coffee and a cold shower, only to find out these methods are myths. Along the journey Jack also discovers the dangers of drinking too much and exactly how alcohol effects the body both in the short and long term (though the use of video content, vector illustrations/animations and interactive quizzes).

Waking up to a strange girl in his bed Jack discovers he has not only upset his parents but may have lost his girlfriend too! 


Wake-up scene 

  • Shot through the reflection of a mirror, this is when the character wakes up with a devastating hangover and little memory of the night before.

chocking-on-sick, Stop-frame animation

  • Imbedded into the plot is a sequence of vomiting shots, ending with the character vomiting over the side of his bed. At this point the vomit spells out the words “Choking on sick can kill” (via the use of stop-frame animation and ‘spaghetti hoop letters’). Our approach here was to get a serious message across in an entertaining way, giving the audience something to remember. View the video via the links opposite
'Click on the objects'
‘Click on the objects’


  • When you enter a room it becomes interactive by clicking on an object. This triggers a video revealing information about the previous nights antics (flashback) or a video interlinked with the educational aspects of the narrative e.g. hangover cure myths.



Business Poster (please click on link)

The poster above explains the processes behind making ‘The Morning After’. It explains what Video Graphics for Learning (VGL) offer as a service, their methodology and research carried out for each product. VGL create products though innovation which can be seen in ‘The Morning After’.





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