Video Work

Entertainment – The Theater Macabre, Boomtown Fair 2102



Corporate Video – Marldon Marquees


Events – The London Pleasure Gardens


Events – Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival 2012, Whistler, BC.


Music – The Alkaholiks

Rocked Garfinkels Nightclub in Whistler over Telus Festival…check it out

Train Wreck

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

My friends and I ventured out to discover a train wreck from the 1960′s.

It was an eery experience venturing off the tracks, into the forest, to be confronted by a series of dispersed carriages that have seamlessly been merged into the woodland.

Mabboo Clothing – Promo Video, 2011

I wanted to practice making videos, Lewis wanted to practice his skating and Ed needed a promo video for his T-shirt company, Mabboo Clothing, Bristol.

Mabboo is an independent, sustainable clothing company.

The Bunker – Freshers Week Promo

One of Bristol’s biggest student nightclubs, The Bunker

Since leaving university I have perused camera work/videography and own a Panasonic 151 AVCAM, which delivers fantastic HD footage.

I have been employed as videographer for:

Messages PR: filming and editing short films with children for promotional purposes.


Avalaan, lifestyle clothing: filming/editing/web delivery – skateboard/lifestyle video.

Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party, 2010: Videopia – remaking and screening famous films with the punters.

I have worked as a camera assistant for:

Cameraman: Steve Webb, shot on DV, Drama/Comedy, Director Daf Palfery.

Shooting through the windscreen!

Evoke Films: Camera Assist, short film shot on 35mm, Director William McGregor.

I also invested in a Camera Craft workshop with DOP Jeremy Humphries to gain more knowledge in broadcast equipment and documentary filmmaking.

Through these experiences I have learnt about a variety of cameras, grip equipment, lenses, filters and have a good understanding of the production process -planning and attention to detail being the most important factors.


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