Mini Movie Makers

Role: Freelance Cameraman/Technician

Mini Movie Makers

Project: Mini Movie Makers

Location: Lake Side Shopping Centre, Essex

Company: Messages PR


Dates: August 2009
Personal equipment supplied: Panasonic AG-HMC 151 AVCAM, Laptop with Final Cut Pro application
Daily Role:
•    To cast and shoot and screen 5-12 year old children in three short film productions per day, themed differently each week – over four weeks.
•    To edit, export for the web and upload to Lakeside website the three short films each day.



With my recent AVCAM investment-Panasonic AG-HMC 151, I have been shooting Videopia at The Notting Hill Arts Club, London and The Secret Garden Party Festival.

Videopia, born at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London, is a night of live music and dj’s with a video twist of famous/cult movie remakes.

The punters get cast into the film, issued a cut version of the script created for the night and with charming homemade props and costumes the film gets shot in the club. It is then screened via projection soon after shooting is complete.

Camera Assistant

I worked as camera assistant for Ten Pence Production ltd on the pilot for Thomas and Clack: Eco Worriers.

Experience gained includes:

  • Equipment and Terminology used for Broadcasts.

– We used a variety of grip equipment and lenses. We used a range of shots that all had specific terminology.

  • Techniques Used.

    Shooting through the windscreen!

– We shot inside a car for which we had to rig interior mini cameras and exterior shots involved the rigging of a spider clamp to the bonnet of the car.  A poloriser lens was used here to reduce the glare of the windscreen.


  • Project Management

– I discovered the importance of project management both in the filed and for post production purposes-time codes.

Running/Assistant Work

I am currently looking for ‘running’ or camera assistant work in the technical filed of video production and broadcast.

I have my own professional AVCAM – Panasonic AG-HMC 151 and have been using it for paid and unpaid video work.

Dream Job: Cameraman for nature, wildlife and adventure documentaries using filming techniques such as time-lapse photography and state of the art equipment.