me profile_washed up with cameraGrowing up in Dartmoor, Devon, has made me appreciate and adore the natural world. It is essential for me to interact      with natural environments either though a sport or just appreciation. This keeps me fit, healthy in the mind and gives me inspiration.


Graduating in 2008 – Multi-Media Technology (Bsc) First Class honors, I am now working as a self shooting cameraman/editor working on promotional, corporate, action sports and music based video, encompassing grip, lighting and shooting techniques such as time-lapse photography . Perfecting my camera craft in order to be an adaptable self shooter (or camera crew member) is an ongoing ambition of mine. The transition, from serious hobby to making professional video was natural for me. If I am out filming, then i’m not at work.


At university I worked with clients, The British Institute of Inn Keeping (BII) for my final year project. The project involved turning paper-based learning material on ‘alcohol awareness’, into a more suitable, visual based medium for   12-16 years old’s to relate to. As a group we achieved this through video, graphics, animation and interactivity.

Post University, I have worked in the film and television industry as a runner, camera trainee, sound assistant and second camera on music, drama and short films.

My personal interests include music technology, surfing, snowboarding and photography.

I am a DJ who specailises in the use of a turntable as an instrument. This involves manipulating sounds, noises and music on records to recreate tracks in my own style. (see mix-tape under music). I own a PA system, part of which I built at university, a sub (low bass) speaker and frequency filter. This has expanded my knowledge in sound technology and PA equipment.

Other passions of mine include travel, exploration and meeting new people.


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