L1VE Productions – 2012 Show Reel

L1VE Productions is a new video production company. We specialise in providing end-to-end video solutions for businesses, events, and creative projects.

Please watch our 2012 Show Reel:



About jamesbaudouy

An inspired and energetic person whose passions lie in media, television and film with a focus on camera work. As a First Class graduate in Multi-Media Technology (Bsc), I have a wide range of industry standard media skills, with which I wish to pursue with in the create industries. Specialising in creative video production at university, I created the opportunity to work with my first clients, The British Institute of Inn Keeping (BII), for my final year project. This involved a number of meetings, working from briefs, prototyping work and adhering to deadlines. As part of a team, I was involved with each stage of the production focusing mainly on camera work and editing. I have since been based in Bristol and continuously working in video either as a freelancer or on my own projects. My aim is to work as part of the camera crew or alongside a self-shooting cameraman to learn the highest possible standard of camera craft, to drive me forward in the filming industries. View all posts by jamesbaudouy

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