Dartmoor Floods


A short film.

Dartmoor is flooded.
James Baudouy and Hamish Holman document this flooding with car mounted cameras. They get home at 20:00 that evening to find the family home (situated below Haytor) flooded.

Battling the floods for 4 hours, no progress is made to stop the water seeping up and flowing into the house. Local farmer Steve Palmer is called up for help. Steve and the team attempt to divert the flood to save the house from further damage.

This was achieved by tractor power, a chainsaw, lots of digging and resulted in a new waterfall being created.

The front lawn 100m long with a 4ft high wall filled up like a pond. This volume of water has never been experienced here before.


About jamesbaudouy

I started my career in the industry as a kit technician/camera assistant at Pro Motion Hire, London. Learning the equipment from the ground up and problem solving in the field has given me a solid foundation which I continue to build on as a lighting cameraman. I have spent the last 3 years at PMA Film & Television, as their in-house camera operator/lighter, working in film publicity. This roles has taken me into challenging and sensitive shooting environments both at home and abroad as well as finessing the art of fine lighting film stars. Taking these skill with me, I am now taking steps as a freelancer in the film and television industry. View all posts by jamesbaudouy

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